Fire Pixels

Fire Pixels is a flame effect that can display graphics, text, images, and video using an array of small flames (500-1000 btu/hr each) over an area of approximately 8 feet wide by 5 feet high at a high update rate (>30 frames/sec). During operation, these flames remain constantly lit while their appearance is modulated by adjusting the air flow to each flame using centralized blowers and individual solenoid air valves such that they can be individually switched between bright yellow (rich mixture) to nearly invisible blue (optimal mixture). The effect runs on LP-gas stored in 20 gallon tanks, which are regulated to 11 in. w.c.near the fuel source using off-the-shelf LP-gas regulators. The low pressure propane is then distributed to the burners using copper pipe and flare fittings. The burners themselves are copper tubes with evenly spaced orifices. To ensure rapid and safe ignition, each flame will have a dedicated electronic spark igniter. Air flow is controlled by air solenoids that direct a jet of air from a centralized filtered air source to the base of each flame. Content for the display will vary between music visualizers, interactive response (e.g. using cameras on the participants), low-res video games, video material, text, and graphic displays.

FirePixels Test Run

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